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Andromeda: Tales From the Slipstream #1

The First Edition is SOLD OUT !!!
Second Edition AVAILABLE NOW!!! With 2 new stories by PE Savage!!!

Perfect Solution                                                                    by Laura Michaels                                         pg 1

Why Me?                                                                               by Laheara                                                     pg 4

Darkness & Light                                                                 by Mearin                                                        pg 6

Have I Got a Problem                                                          by Mari                                                            pg 14

Just A Girl                             by Mari                     pg 18

I Like it Here                             by Laheara                     pg 19

When I Close My Eyes                     by Laheara                     pg 20

Andromeda Picture                                                 pg 21

Hiding Behind Duty                         by J. Thompson                 pg 22

I've Had Enough                         by K. Burns                     pg 24

I am whoever you Say                     by Mari                     pg 25

High Guard Structure                            pg 26

How Is It I Care?                         by PE Savage                 pg 28

I Can't Do Anything Right                     by J. Graham                 pg 29

How Many More Systems                     by PE Savage                                               pg 30

True Connections                         by L. Skywalker                 pg 32

Andromeda Drinking Game                 by Anonymous                 pg 49

Battle Price                             by A. Docimo                 pg 37

My Crew                             by PE Savage                 pg 55

Andromeda Season One Episode Guide

Interior Artwork                         by: Ben Brackett, Debbie Casselbury