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Chaotic Ramblings #3
5 stories including Equalizer/Stargate SG-1/Star Wars/Equalizer+A-Team/
TOS Star Trek Romulans
Shadows of Death (EQ)                        by Howling Wolf            pg 1
Until Next Time (SG-1)                        by Laheara                pg 25
Death of a Friend (SW)                        by Rita Marx                pg 28
Misadventures in Kidnapping (EQ/A-Team)            by Manda & Anna            pg 30
She Thinks My Uzi's Sexy (Filk Song)                by Alanna Control            pg 47
The Seperation (ST/Romulans)                    by PE Savage            pg 48
Drunken Agent (Filk Song)                        by Howling Wolf            pg 72