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Black Sheep, Silent Lambs

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars: Black Sheep, Silent Lambs

Four years have passed since Obi-Wan Kenobi passed his trials and became a Jedi Knight.  Shortly after he took up the training of his first apprentice Anakin Skywalker who was but nine years old.  Considered by Jedi Master Yoda too young to train, the Jedi Council none the less granted permission to Obi-Wan to train the young boy.  Many other Jedi felt that the council's decision was based upon the last request of a great Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and their bias sympathy.  Both master and apprentice felt they owed much to the memory of Qui-Gon Jinn.  Hoping to honor Qui-Gon's memory and request, Obi-Wan and Anakin continue the struggle against evil and darkness as they are returning from a recent mission when…

By Ben Brackett
   Based on characters and situations created by George Lucas

   Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight, and his padawan apprentice Anakin Skywalker occupied the lounge area of the Republic space cruiser as they made their way home to Coruscant.  Anakin had recently celebrated his thirteenth life day; his mind and body were growing with each passing day, as was his knowledge of the Force.  The training of a Jedi was a never-ending process, something Anakin didn't seem to mind.  Obi-Wan was continually amazed at his apprentices desire to train and learn all day long.  Anakin was balanced on one hand as he manipulated the surrounding furniture in the air.
   "Sir we're receiving a distress call from an uncharted system."  The transport captain stood in the doorway before master and student.
   "Can you get a definite fix on where the distress signal is originating from?"  Obi-Wan turned his attention to the captain as he cocked an eyebrow.
   "Yes, sir.  We've made a preliminary scan of the system; our scanners are limited until we move in closer.  I thought you should know before we proceed?"  He stood alert waiting for further instructions from the Jedi.
   "Very good take into an approach path around the planet and alert me once you have a fix."  The Jedi nodded from under the hood, which covered his head and body.
   "Children?"  Anakin uttered as he turned his head to the side.
   "I'm sorry Annie, what was it you said…children?"  He looked quizzically at his student.
   "Yes, I saw children."  He looked at his master waiting for further instruction.
   "Could you see how many?"  His master knelt in front of him with his hands on his knees.
   "The vision wasn't that clear master, a least three or four.  I think?"  He squinted as he tried to recall the sudden vision.
   "You'd better get your things squared away.  We may be having unexpected guests."  The master rose and began to turn away from the boy.
   "Yippee!"  The boy rolled out of his handstand and came to his feet to see his master turn back his head.  "I'm sorry my master…I was just…" He had lost track of his discipline once again.
   "That's all right, run along now and do as I said."  The master turned his head back, only to grin to himself afterward.
   Anakin ran to the rear of the cruiser to the sleeping compartments as Obi-Wan sat down in the lounge area.  He calmed himself, drawing upon the Force to seek visions of what lay ahead.      Try as he might he felt nothing come to him, it was as if an all encompassing cloud was shadowing the near future.  He tried again to stretch out with his feeling.  He felt the Force flowing through him and through the lounge.  He felt the power binding the galaxy together and penetrating all things.  He did not feel anything about the near future, he became uneasy.  Very infrequent were the times he felt so, the last time he had lost his master Qui-Gon.  He rose to his feet as he walked through the sterile white hallway of the space cruiser to his young apprentice's sleep chamber.  He pressed the button on the wall that caused the door to slide open.
   "Have you finished packing?"  Obi-Wan stood in the doorway with his hands folded in and covered by his robes; his hood was laid back to reveal his face.
   "Almost…" His nimble fingers finished the last knot in the leather strap binding his bedroll.  Beside him lay pouches with the contents laid out for a quick tour of inspection.
   "Did you remember to recharge your lightsaber?"  The master looked over to the silver cylinder laying on the nightstand next to his apprentice's bed.
   "Yes my master, I did."  His fingers moved next to packing the various articles into the pouches and fastening them closed.
   "You remember what Master Yoda told you at the Academy?"  Obi-Wan slide his thumbs together into his sash belt and slowly pulled them along the edge of his belt until they lay on his hips.
   "Yes…the most precious weapon a Jedi's lightsaber is.  But master he tells that to everybody."  He looked at his master with a childish look of reluctance on his face.
   "What is important is that you start to remember to keep it with you at all times."  He walked over to the bed offering his hand in aid to his apprentice.
   "But I don't sense any danger ahead?"  He stared at his master with his eyelashes bating with an innocence that said who-me-worry-?
   "No Jedi, not even Master Yoda is powerful enough to know what lays ahead for complete certainty."  A stern look came to the master as he planted his feet firmly and squarely apart with his arms crossed and folded in each other.
   "I'm sorry master…I didn't mean to sound like I was questioning your wisdom."  The young padawan lower his head.
   "It's alright Annie, just be mindful of where you are and what you are doing at all times.  A Jedi can never afford to lose his focus."  He put his hands on his padawan's shoulders and smiled warmly.
   "Thank you master."  He raised his hands and arms to hug his master and thank him for the comforting and understanding words.  The moment was short lived as Obi-Wan's Comm link beeped.
   "Yes."  He removed his hand held Comm link from his belt pouch within the depths of his robes and flipped it on.
   "We're in orbit around the planet.  Do you want to proceed to a landing?"  The voice of the transport captain rang across the small device.
   "Have you finished your close range scans of the planet?"  He rubbed the short-cropped hair of his apprentice with his free hand.
   "Everything seems to be clear sir, planet appears to habitable by most humanoid's."  The voice reported back.
   "You can begin landing procedure captain, but remain alert…there's something here that's not right."  He flipped off his Comm link and replaced it to his belt pouch.
   "Gosh, I almost forgot."  Anakin moved quickly to open the drawer in the nightstand.  He pulled from it his own Comm link, which was open for repairs.  Grabbing a small tool he made some final adjustments and snapped it close.  He grabbed the pouches and attached them to his sash belt.
   "Anakin…what did we just finish talking about?"  The master placed his hands on his hips in a mood of disapproval and disappointment.
   "Sorry master…but…the power relay coupling cell was getting ready to burn out soon."  The young padawan seemed to be split between regaining his shame and a delightment of pride in his technological expertise.
   "That's still not the point.  You have to finish a job once you begin it."  The master stood there shaking his head at his young padawan.
   "You're right master."  His head was bowed as he looked at the Comm link in his hands.  He knew he shouldn't, but he felt proud of his accomplishment still.  "I won't let you or master Qui-Gon down."  He looked up at his master with puppy dog eyes. Read the rest of this story in Padawan & Jedi Tales #4