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Old Gun #1

Doppelganger                                                                       by Howling Wolf                                            pg 1

A Chance Meeting                                                                by Anna Sawitzky                                         pg 24

All Those Years Ago                                                             by Anna Sawitzky                                         pg 26

Mickey The Stripper    (Filk)                                                   by Howling Wolf                                            pg 36

A trio of short story collections                                            by Anna Sawitzky                                          pg 37

Shattered Glass                                                                    by Tina M                                                       pg 45

Lunch, Spies & Guns, OH MY                                              by Manda                                                       pg 58

Where Were You When the World Stopped                       by PE Savage                                               pg 71

View From a Bedroom Window                                          by Ben Brackett                                            pg 74

The Top Ten Things I Need To Know,
I Learned from "The Equalizer"                                            by Alanna Control                                         pg 82