Chaotic Ramblings #2
9 stories including (3)Stargate SG-1/A-Team+Due South/Dark Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Lord of the Rings/Tomb Raider/Angel+Forever Knight
Past Mistakes (SG-1)                                                          by Anonymous Game            pg 1
Lunch Break (A-Team+Due South)                                       by Laura MIchael's                pg 27
Lost and Found (Dark Angel)                by Laheara                    pg 32
Hard Years (BtVS)                        by Amanda Wilcoxen            pg 35
An Elven's POV (LOTR)                    by PE Savage                pg 37
Goodbye, father (Tombraider)                by Laheara                    pg 40
Degrees of Trust (SG-1)                    by Lyn                        pg 43
Into the Portal (Angel+Forever Knight)            by Guardian Angel                pg 62
Don't Give Up on Me Now (SG-1)                by Laheara                    pg 65