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Submission Guidelines

All GEN and Slash stories are welcome for submission, but must be labeled as either GEN or Slash. You must be 18 years of age and submitt proof of age for Adult submissions. Submissions are taken in either RTF (.rtf) or DOC (.doc) format and can be submitted either via e-mail, mailed on a 3 ½ floppy or single burn CD to our P.O. Box adress. On a case by case basis we will consider submissions that are typed out and mailed in. But for ease of editing and reviewing the story we prefer e-mail, 3 ½ floppy or single burn CD.

Ratings Accepted: Gen/Slash/Adult

All submissions are checked for grammer and spelling errors.
The author of the story and or artwork retains all rights to their work.


Permission Form/Submission Agreement

I hereby give permission for Chaos Unlimted to publish my story (s) and /or artwork. I understand that I will not put the story or artwork on the web for 6 months from publication, and I will retain all my right to my said work; including the right to approve all major edits. I also understand that for this, I will get a complimentary issue of the zine that my work appears in, if my story is over 7 pages long. If not, I can purchase the zine at 1/2 price. If I wish addition copies I will pay the price of the zine plus shipping. Artwork must have at least six (6) pieces in the zine to get a free copy otherwise I can purchase the zine for 1/2 price.

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Mailing Adress

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Name of your work: __________________________________________________________

Which Zine are you submitting this for?___________________________________________

Do you wish to have your email listed for contact in the zine? _____YES _____NO

Do you wish to be contacted about future fanzines? ______YES ______NO

Please mail signed copy to: Chaos Unlimted
P.O. Box 352814
Toledo, Ohio 43635-2814


Updated Last on 01-01-06